Terrafirma Proactive Tracker

  • Proactive Tacking
  • 24/7 Asset Protection
  • Total Peace of Mind
The ultimate proactive vehicle security protection

The Ultimate Protection

Terrafirma Trackers are GPS/GPRS based motion sensor security system that provides: pinpoint tracking accuracy, automated responsive alert  notifications, unparalleled service levels and the best customer controls on  the market. 

Our proactive system will activate and alert the user the moment any disturbance is detected in the vehicle. Movements without the key in the ignition, forced entry through doors or windows, or if your vehicle leaves a predetermined geo-zone, will all trigger the device.Through the use of our mobile app, we have such confidence in our visual live feed tracking system that your vehicle will be recovered.Our product is unique because it combines monitoring and other various features that are controlled via our personalised mobile app. 

Our system can be fitted in to any vehicle with all features working to full effect. Not only a tracking device but also an all inclusive security system, 


Monitoring 24/7

Comprehensive featured proactive surveillance system with, 65, alerts and warnings

 Tamper Alert

Be notified of any unauthorized activity or displacement from original installation.   

Remote Cut-Off

 Stop the engine from running or starting by the touch of a button anywhere in the world

ACC Detection

 Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need

IP65 Waterproof

Water and dust resistant to ensure stable operation, in toughest of environments.

65 Multi Alerts 

65 instant alerts for vibration, speeding power, disconnection, and Geo fence.


Positioning the location to be pinpoint accurate in real time or periodically.

Config Tracking 

 Configurable playback journeys from up to 6 months and upload specific mileage speed reports.